Bankruptcy Lawyers in Conyers – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For over 16 years, Craig Black has filed thousands of bankruptcy petitions for residents in Atlanta, Conyers, Dunwoody, Craig founded Craig Black Law Firm with the goal of treating everyone with respect and dignity, while providing excellence in customer service and legal advice.


Sometimes bills get missed. Or you’re trying to juggle payments and it’s just not working.

If you’re being hassled by letters or calls from bill collectors, we will help you.


  • If you’re getting collection phone calls or letters, a skilled, experienced attorney will review your legal rights and protections.
  • If you’re tired of harassing collection calls and letters, we can stop them today.
  • If you are having trouble paying your bills, or are behind on your bills, contact Craig Black Law Firm immediately.


Whether you’re struggling to manage a heavy debt burden or you recently purchased a new vehicle that has been plagued with constant repairs, it’s time to take action and find a solution. Speaking with an attorney experienced in consumer protection matters can help you save a considerable amount of money, time, stress and set you on the path toward a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Attorney, Craig Black Law Firm is admitted to practice in all Georgia state and federal courts. Craig Black offers experience in all types of bankruptcy matters and strives for excellence and will work diligently to bring maximum benefits to each client’s case.


Bankruptcy Lawyers in Conyers – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy